Breast Aesthetics

Many patients have complaints about Breast asymmetry. You can find everything you wonder about Breast asymmetry in this article!

Breast asymmetry refers to when one breast is a exceptional length, role, quantity or form than the other. A breast cancer screening or mammogram is a way to find out whether you have asymmetrical breast size or density. Even though significantly uneven breast tissue or nipples are highly linked to breast cancer, they are usually not a reason to worry. Getting mammograms regularly can show abnormalities in the breast tissue and will help find breast cancer early.

Breast Asymmetry

Is It Normal to Have Uneven Breasts?

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure used to remove excess fat, tissue and skin from the breasts. You can write your questions about breast reduction on our website.

In a breast reduction surgery (reduction mammaplasty), the surgeon removes excess breast tissue, fat and skin from the breasts. Here are some reasons to have a breast reduction surgery: If you have large breasts that are out of proportion causing back/neck pain, you may consider breast reduction surgery. Large breasts may also lead to kyphosis, which is a spinal disorder, in women. Furthermore, the bras that they wear may press on arm nerves and this may cause numbness. You may also have breathing problems. …

Today, we will mention everything about breast lifting surgery. People may have low self-esteem due to the shape of their breasts and this surgery may help them gain their confidence back. If you are curious about this surgery, you will find all your answers below. Let us dive into this topic and reveal all about breast lifting surgery.

What is Breast Lift Surgery?

Today we will talk about breast augmentation surgery. You probably heard of it as a boob job. We will comprehensively cover all of the things you may wonder about this procedure. If you have any further questions in your head, feel free to ask us. Let us dive into this exciting topic and learn all about this procedure!

Best breast augmentation surgeon ahmet dilber
Best breast augmentation surgeon ahmet dilber
Consultation before breast augmentation surgery

What is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

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