Breast Augmentation Surgery

Today we will talk about breast augmentation surgery. You probably heard of it as a boob job. We will comprehensively cover all of the things you may wonder about this procedure. If you have any further questions in your head, feel free to ask us. Let us dive into this exciting topic and learn all about this procedure!

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Consultation before breast augmentation surgery

What is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

We will start with what is this procedure. Breast augmentation surgery is an invasive procedure. During this procedure, your breast augmentation surgeon will put saline or silicone packages on your breast to make them bigger, or even. In this procedure, the selection of a plastic surgeon is really important. Your surgeon will have complete control of how your breasts look. Anyways, you should always mention to your surgeon what you expect from this surgery.

Reasons for Breast Augmentation Surgery

Now, let’s talk about why people have this surgery. Some people may have asymmetrical breasts and this may bother them. As well as asymmetrical breasts, small breasts may bother women. Some people may have low self-esteem due to their breasts. This operation will give them the self-confidence they longed for a while. one of the best things about this surgery is that it is reversible.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

First of all, you have to rest after your surgery. So, you should take five to seven days off from your work. You will heal during this time. You should also have someone look after you while you are resting and take you from the hospital. You may not feel your best, so it is wise that you do not drive alone. You should rest as long as you can. It is crucial for your healing. You should be open-minded about your surgery. Also, you should know that drastic augmentations will need two or more surgeries. Choose a surgeon that you completely trust.

After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Your breasts will feel different after your surgery. You will get used to it, so do not worry about it. You should not work out for at least two or three weeks. We recommend that you ask your doctor about how long you should not exercise. You should not smoke for a long time. In fact, you should stop smoking at least three weeks before your surgery. As well as tobacco, you should stop drinking alcohol. You may experience swelling and bruising for two or three weeks, do not worry. It is completely normal. Your surgeon will tell you all about these.

After breast augmentation surgery

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