Breast Lift Surgery

Curious About Breast Lift

Women get the look they want with various aesthetic applications. With breast lift surgery, the breast loses its form for various reasons and regains its old appearance.

Fat is one of the most important components of a woman’s breast. Therefore, women; Even in natural events such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, excessive weight gain and loss, it can experience sagging. As a result of sagging, they prefer breast lift operations for a safer and more feminine look. With the developing technology, very successful surgeries are taking place in this area.

We have compiled what you need to know about breast lift surgery, which is in high demand. If you are considering breast lift surgery, you should definitely read our article.

Why Do Breasts Sag?

Breasts gradually sag over time with the effect of gravity and the loss of skin elasticity due to age. Frequent weight gain and loss, birth and breastfeeding processes and excessive breasts cause sagging to occur at an earlier age.

In Which Cases Do They Perform Breast Lift Surgery?

The important thing for breast lift surgery is the preference and demand. If the nipples stay above the fold of the breast, everything is fine aesthetically. If the breast is at the level of the fold line; this may be an indication that slight sagging has started. If the breast is below the fold line and especially if the nipples are pointing straight down, we recommend breast lift surgery.

Who Is A Breast Lift Surgery Suitable For?

Breast lift surgery is suitable for anyone over the age of 18, who is physically healthy and has sagging problems. We do not recommend this surgery to people who will have problems with the scars, as there will be scars on the breasts after the surgery. What you should not forget here is that the scar that will occur after the surgery varies according to the skin structure, thickness and healing process of the person.

In addition, they can perform surgery for those who are uncomfortable with severe sagging of the breasts.

Breast Lift Surgery

With the examination they perform, they evaluate the rate of sagging and the size of the breasts. They decide on the surgical operation they will use. They perform breast lift surgery under general anesthesia; It is an operation that takes an average of 2 hours.

Patients with a slight sagging condition do it by placing a silicone prosthesis under the breast. In case of moderate and severe breast sagging, they apply two different procedures. In moderate sagging, they remove the excess skin in the nipple in the form of a ring. They collect the breast tissue from underneath and cover the cuts. In severe sagging, while performing the same application on the nipple, they collect the breast towards the bottom.

Post-operative Process

Immediately after the operation, they start ice compress treatment. You wear a sports bra. They do not use any other dressings except thin bands on the stitches. They pull the drains they put in the surgery 24–48 hours after the operation. You can take a shower 1 or 2 days after removing them. . They remove the stitches after 15 days. You should wear the sports bra for 4 weeks continuously. This bra reduces the patient’s perception of pain and makes him feel more confident. At first, edematous breasts gradually take shape. It takes about 8–10 weeks for the breast to take its final shape.

Breastfeeding After Breast Lift Surgery

Preserving the function of lactation depends on the technique they choose and the sagging of the breast. But usually nothing happens to the breastfeeding function.

Can There Be Sagging Again After Breast Lift Surgery?

A pregnancy or major weight changes that may occur after breast lift surgery can cause a sagging breast again. Therefore, we recommend that you have this surgery if you are no longer planning a child and your basal body weight is not fluctuating.

Do Cracked Breasts Pass After Breast Lift Surgery?

Cracks on or on the sides of the nipple do not disappear during surgery. Because they can only remove skin from the section under the nipple.

Are the marks that will remain on the breast after the surgery disturbing?

After breast lift surgery, only a small scar of 3.5 cm remains under the breast in patients who have a breast prosthesis. Since this scar is hidden under the breast, it does not usually bother. Depending on the technique they choose, an I, L or T-shaped scar will be left under the nipple in patients to undergo skin recovery.

The scar around the nipple is not so obvious as there is a difference in tone from the nipple to the normal skin. The vertical line descending from the nipple is the best healing scar. Generally, it is difficult to choose the scar one year after breast lift surgery. The line under the breast cannot be seen when you look from the front or the side.

For more information about breast lift, you can contact us by visiting our website.




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Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

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