Breast Reduction

What Is Breast Reduction Surgery ?

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure used to remove excess fat, tissue and skin from the breasts. You can write your questions about breast reduction on our website.

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In a breast reduction surgery (reduction mammaplasty), the surgeon removes excess breast tissue, fat and skin from the breasts. Here are some reasons to have a breast reduction surgery: If you have large breasts that are out of proportion causing back/neck pain, you may consider breast reduction surgery. Large breasts may also lead to kyphosis, which is a spinal disorder, in women. Furthermore, the bras that they wear may press on arm nerves and this may cause numbness. You may also have breathing problems. If you rub your breasts and chin skin, you may develop a rash or wounds at the inframammary line.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Except for limited physical activities, there are also psychological and social problems that large breasts may cause. Due to the limited options in choosing what to wear, women may get upset and start not liking themselves. A breast reduction surgery gives the patient a natural look and removes the problems given above. Do not forget that the reasons of large breasts may be genetic, hormonal or disease-related.

Difference Between Breast Reduction and Breast Lift

Types of aesthetic breast surgery are: Breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty), breast augmentation and breast lift surgery (mastopexy). If you want to reduce or change the position, size and shape of your breasts, breast reduction and breast lift are both great options. So, which one should you opt for? The answer depends on your personal aims and expectations.

Breast reduction is useful for women who wish to reduce breast size because of health problems or personal preference. In many of the breast reduction surgeries, breasts end up being lifted.

Some patients have their areolas reduced or their excess tissue sent for breast cancer screening. Most patients choosing a breast reduction surgery suffer from these problems: Difficulty in breathing and sleeping, poor posture, back and neck pain, skin rashes and limitations in physical activity.

What is breast reduction ?

Women who have sagging breasts may choose to have breast lift, also known as mastopexy. To achieve a youthful appearance, this procedure supports and reshapes the breast tissue. If your breasts lose their shape and volume because of age, weight loss or breastfeeding, this procedure will restore them. Because breast lift relocates the breasts, they may appear smaller. Nonetheless, the surgeon does not remove the breast tissue, only the excess skin. Often, to achieve a natural look, the surgeon will reposition and reduce the areolas and nipples. Most patients who choose breast lift experience these problems: Insecurity, breast unevenness, flat or dropping breasts, downward falling nipples and stretched out skin.

Which One Is Right For Me?

Although breast reduction and breast lift are different procedures, most women going through these procedures, are highly satisfied. It takes 2 to 4 weeks to recover from both of these procedures. Despite the fact that they address different issues, women choosing these procedures experience sagging and excess breast tissue. Whatever procedure you opt for, find the right surgeon by doing your research.

Breast Reduction Surgery in Turkey -Ahmet Dilber

Preparation for Breast Reduction

The followings are screenings and tests needed prior to a breast reduction surgery: Blood test, lung x-ray, mammography and ultrasonography if needed. If you smoke or have high blood pressure, drug addiction, diabetes, etc., your surgeon will discuss these with you. You need to have somebody to accompany you on the day of the surgery and the day after it. You should not smoke after the surgery. Do not drink or eat anything 6 hours before the surgery. You should not wear any make-up or put on hair gel. Wear comfortable clothes before coming to the hospital.

The Surgical Technique

In a breast reduction surgery, the surgeon will remodel the large breast tissue in proportion to your body size. No matter what method the surgeon uses, there will be a scar left around your nipple. Even though these scars may be visible at first, they may disappear in time. The healing process from those scars depends on these points: Breast size, the surgical technique, whether your skin will develop a scar. The most frequently used technique is the one that operates 4.5–5 cm around the nipple and goes down from the middle of the bottom edge. The surgeon will apply general anesthesia and the surgery will last for 3 to 4 hours.

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